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Dirceu Veiga – Designer of Fast Icon

I’m a Brazilian Designer living in Curitiba, south of Brazil. I started my career in 1994, working as an illustrator artist for children’s books in several Publishing Companies.

In 2001 I started my own design studio, called Fast Icon Studio.

I’m passionate, dedicated and specialized in providing custom Icon Design, Illustrations, Mascots, Caricatures and creative graphical solutions. I’ve worked for over 100 customers worldwide.

My Services Include:

  • Custom Icon Design (for App, Games, Web and Software)
  • App Icon Design
  • 2D Illustration
  • Mascot Design – Character Design
  • Custom Caricatures from Photography

I’m available for hire.

My Icon Design Philosophy

Since 2003, Fast Icon is recognized since worldwide as an expert in icon design. Each icon we create is designed with three guiding principles in mind:

Relate the Function

Great icon design quickly informs and reminds the user of an icon’s function. Literal and abstract representation, placement within the environment, and historical design convention are all factors we use to determine the design concept for an icon.

Respect the Environment

An icon’s environment (i.e., its operating system, parent website, etc.) plays a crucial role in crafting its design. We are experts in designing icons for traditional environments such as OS X,  Windows, iOS or Android as well as alternative environments, such as web applications and games.

Reflect the Brand

Icon style, color, weight, and form are each vital in communicating visual consistency throughout an application’s design. At Fast Icon, I believe the best icons not only communicate function, but reinforce brand quality.

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